Sunday, November 11, 2007

I would also like to thank you for a lot s of persons who helped us in organizing
as : Décsei Levente, Vitályos Lehel, Fejér Ferenc, Lázár-Prezsmer Endre, Tokos Judit, Fekete Mária, Valpecz Orsolya, Zsigmond József, Kolumbán Hanna

Friday, April 20, 2007

multi culti melting spot 2


Date : 23 - 24 of November 2007

Place : Romania , Sf.Gheorghe/Saint George- Covasna County

If you would like to cooperate with other artists from foreign countries and to exchange your experiences / knowledges in art , or you just like to travel and meet people, then this is the place you should be part of it .

Our project is about to build a “bridge” between cultures and artist around the world in order to learn ,understand and share our works with each other.

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We are looking for young creative/active artists .

As individuals with exploratory spirits are invited to join.

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Fine arts , sculpture, photography, video art, performance,architecture, design,theater,dance,poetry,music, film,philosophy


If you would like to know more about it , e mail to this address:

Regards, Brassai Szende (organizer)


The term of register : continuous
the participants can ask for the application form on this e mail address:

About the art works: the participants should take into consideration the subject of this project. (Art for environmental protectionist,Subhead:”The garbage”)the max. number of artworks can be 6 and the min. 4.

Accommodation and traveling: we offer free accommodation for all the participants for 3 days and we will pay some per cent of their transport.

---here are few web pages and links,which can help you to get here easier---

The MULTI CULTI MELTING SPOT 2 project title

Art for environmental protectionist-"The garbage"
---------the meaning is to call the audience attention to the increasing of impurities and the importance to protect our nature and ambiance/surroundings
even through art as well----------------------------------------------------------

With this program we encourage diversity and multicultural exchange among creative people of all kinds.
We are building a group that blends art, culture and consciousness.

The -multi culti melting spot- enables artists to experience a natural, eco-friendly environment for creative work.

Video installation made by Simon Hansen (DK) Fragment-Time


rEGardS :)

About the Lármafa Association
It supports events which contribute to the strengthening of the region's multicultural identity.
One of the principal objectives of the association is the organization of visual/fine arts events which promote artistic experimentation related to communication, open society and culture focused on sound art, video art, computer art, interactive projects and all innovative experimental forms in contemporary art.
It considers a priority to initiate connections between local artists and artists from other countries .